ty Newcomb & karl Ndieli


KArl 'Shakur' Ndieli

I’m Karl, an adventure photographer and visual artist based in Kansas, but available for hire worldwide. Fueled by an innate passion for adventure, I’ve traveled across the globe with my camera in tow, capturing the beauty of the natural world wherever I go.

I specialize in travel, lifestyle and aerial photography—as well as influencer work with a growing online audience of over 180,000 helping brands big and small tell their story through content creation alongside my co-photographer Ty Newcomb.

I've been expressing myself through art and photography over the last 5 years while simultaneously completing my graduate degree in Architecture at Kansas State University. This is where I discovered my love for storytelling and instructing; teaching and helping other creatives on campus better the art.

Ty 'eye.of.ty' Newcomb

    Ty is a 26-year-old professional photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado specializing in landscape, portrait and digital art photography, but best known for his surreal, whimsical scenes in nature complimented by a vivid, bright color palette. Ty has more than 13 years experience in photography and videography ranging from landscape to action sports and almost everything in-between. Ty grew up in the mountains in Carbondale, Colorado and turned his passion for skiing and filming into a part-time job during high school by taking footage and photos he took of skiers and snowboarders and selling it to their sponsors to use in videos and ads of their own. Since then, Ty has attended and graduated from The University of Colorado at Boulder and has successfully transitioned into doing photography professionally full-time for multi-national brands, NGO's, non-profits, and anyone else who has an idea and a vision they want Ty's unique style for.